•Language of Instruction: English
•Course Level: Bachelor's Degree
•Course Type : Compulsory
•Mode of delivery :Lecture, question/answer, discussion
•Course Coordinator and Instructors : Prof. Dr. Gülay ÖZKAN,
•Goals :Nearly all applied science consists of performing experiments and interpreting the results. This is done alternatively by looking for an idealized mathematical model of the system. The aim of the course is to teach how to write mathematical model, how to solve this model.
•Course Content :The conservation laws of chemical engineering are applied to the model, and the results should be a mathematical equation which describes the system. The appropriate mathematical techniques are applied to ordinary differential equation or partial differential equations and results are interpreted .
•Learning Outcomes
•1) Derivation of proper equations for defined processes. 
2) Applies the conservation laws of chemical engineering to the model 
3) Solving chemical engineering problems by using analytical/ numerical techniques