Understanding the vector operations, examination of the coordinate systems, concepts of scalar and vector fields, the use of line and surface integrals in the application of Stoke's Theorem and Divergence Theorem, Understanding the electric field concept and the electrostatic potential, Coulomb's law and the use of Gauss' law, Understanding the behaviour of electrostatic fields in dielectric and conductor media, learning about Electric Flux Density and Dielectric Constant, learning about the Polarization in dielectrics and equivalent polarization charges, obtaining the boundary conditions, the use of Boundary conditons to solve the Poisson's theorem and Laplace's theorem, grasping the concept of energy and force in the electrostatic fields, understanding the steady currents and Ohm's law, the continuity equation and the Kirchoff's current law, learning to calculation of resistance, examination of the static magnetic fields, magnetic field calculation and the Biot-Savart law, understanding the concept of magnetic potential, obtaining the boundary conditions for the magnetostatic fields, learning the calculation of inductance, understanding magnetic energy, force and torque.