This course covers managerial decision-making process at every level of management in public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Managers, in order to increase the performance of the organization must give efficient decisions in deciding the use of resources in hands. To be efficient in the decision making process, managers must know and effectively use microeconomic and quantitave economic theories and techniques. By knowing and using the microeconomic and quantitative economic theories and techniques in the decision making process, managers can estimate demand functions for the firm’s product(s), estimate cost functions, adequately follow and interpret the changes in micro-macro economic variables both in domestic and in global economy, forecast future sales and revenues of the firm, make strategic movements against the marketing strategies of rivals and quickly respond to major economic policy and economic climate changes. In these respects, in this course, we will cover determination of prices, notion of demand and supply, behavior of the firm and household, structure of markets, and economic, socio-political environment, which firms operate in.