Instructor:                                     Onur Özsoy, Associate Professor of Economics
Work Phone:                                 0312-319-7720/240
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Office Hours:          Monday and Wednesday, 13:00-15:00 or by appointment.  


Required Text: Özsoy, Onur., (2005) İktisatçılar ve İşletmeciler İçin İstatistik (Statistics for Economics and Business), 2. baskı (2nd Edition), Ankara:Siyasal Kitabevi. Ve Ders notları


Course Objectives:  An important aspect of being a manager is making decisions.  The best decisions are those which are made based on fact.  Such decisions require the use of data which often exhibit variation.  In this class, the underlying principle will be the use of statistical analysis of data to make intelligent, fact-based decisions.  We will specifically work on learning the following:

1.      How to distinguish between different types of data.
2.      How to construct and interpret several pictorial and numerical summaries of data.
3.      How to calculate, interpret and use measures of variance.
4.      How to use probability and probability distributions 
5.      How to assess the likelihood of important events.
6.      How to use the central limit theorem to better understand sampled data.
7.      How to estimate parameters of the normal and binomial distributions.
8.      How to construct confidence intervals and make decisions based on the confidence intervals 
9.      How to conduct hypotheses tests.
10.   How to do nonparametric tests.
11.   How to construct, use, and interpret index numbers.
12.   How to use statistical software to make calculations, and 
13.   how to interpret the computer output.











                   Midterm Exam:                              40%           
                   Term project:                                 50%
                   Class Participation:                       10%

Exam:  There will be a midterm exam. Mid-term exam will be closed book, closed notes. You will be allowed to use the formula booklet prepared by the instructor. There will be no hand written note what so ever on the formula booklet. A simple calculator is allowed to be used. No pocket PC, no cellular phone are allowed to be used during the exams. 

Term Project: There will be a term project for this course. The class will be divided into several groups and each group will be assigned a project topic. Each member of the study groups will work and contribute to the project equally. If someone does not participate in one of the term projects that the instructor assigns, the final grade will be zero. 

Computer Resources

Home page:  My home page provides a way for you to have electronic access to course resources.  In order to access and use the home page, you must register and get user id. And password. Otherwise it will not be possible to access the course home page and utilize the material. Included on the page currently are some of the course lecture notes, the course syllabus,