101611 Retrospective Dosimetry

Course Goals:

Providing theoretical knowledge about thermally and optically stimulated luminescence methods after a nuclear accident or precipitation retrospective dosimetry, age determination and in environmental research areas.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who take this course and its applications, 101512 courses, will reach advanced level in research and education institutions such as TAEK which conducts routine individual dose measurements, archaeological age determination with luminescence method, radiation dose measurement in irradiated food.

Course Subjects: 

  1. Structural imperfection related limunescance occurance mechanism at solids
  2. Energy band and limited energy levels, electron traps and recombination centers.
  3. Thermal and optically stimulated luminescance mechanisms, energy-dose dependency.
  4. zeroing mechanisms, glow curves and analysis
  5. Determination of trap parameters of first and general order kinetic glow curves.
  6. Tunnelling and non-thermal quenching.
  7. Trap occurance mechanisms and determination of trap parameters.
  8. Stimulation control mechanism.
  9. Light detection(PMT and single photon counter).
  10. Internal irradiation system(irradiating with beta and photon sourcces), application fields and limitations