This course present/offer students to the topic of gender and religion. It is common to hear debates about religion and gender from both feminist scholars and pundits alike. What is the relationship between patriarchy and religion? Is religion and feminism opposite? Are women more religious? What is feminist theology? What does it mean to be female or otherwise gendered in several religious traditions? How does focusing on gender and religion enrich and complicate our sensibility/understanding of religion in particular religious traditions? Although these questions not easy are answered, we will focus on these debates about gender and religion(s). We will investigate the ways in which gender is entangled in religion (and religion is entangled in our understandings of gender) in different religious traditions.


By the end of the course, students will

* Examine the practices and beliefs between gender and religion

* Understand the relationship gender and concept of “religion”, particularly “lived” religion.

* Think and write critically about the study of religion and gender.

* Know about the historical development of beliefs and theologies surrounding gender within a number of religious traditions and communities.

* Be acquainted with literature written about gender, and religion by local, national and international scholars.

Eğitimci: Fatma Kenevir