In this “PHYS 401 Electomagnetic Theory I” course we will mainly cover the following titles :

1.     Quick overview of electromagnetic theory (Chapter 1-8 of D.Griffiths’ well-known book which is adopted as our main textbook). The students are expected to know these chapters well enough, which constitute our basic groundwork.

2.     Electromagnetic waves and its applications

3.     Potential formulation and gauge transformations

4.     Retarded potentials

5.     Liénard-Wiechert potentials

6.     Electromagnetic radiation (electric and magnetic dipole radiatons)

7.     Radiation by an accelerated point charge, Larmor theory, Liénard generalization.

8.     Radiation reaction, Abraham-Lorentz theory

9.     Several special topics in electromagnetic theory (such as magnetic monopoles, topological effects in electromagnetism etc.).