Entomophagy, Gıda olarak böcekler

Insects are an essential and ancient food source. They are nutritious, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and raised humanely. Yet, here in the West, we look at them as survival food, or worse, food of the poor.

We need to embrace insects as food for the sake of our children. Our world population will increase by 50% during their lifetime, and supplying meat is not possible. It’s already a very serious problem. Considering the rising demand, we can not continue to produce meat the way we do today, for many reasons. Insects as food is one answer.

Making Entomophagy a trend here in the West will change the current trajectory and make eating insects more popular worldwide. Doing this will reduce the demand for traditional meat and help limit the destruction it’s causing. We need to adopt insects into our diets for many reasons.Food Insecurity, Inhumane Treatment of Livestock, Deforestation, Pollution, Land & Water Resources: