Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The notion of text

    Features of text organization

  • The notion of context

    Text context of situation

    Halliday and Hasan’s approach to text

    Beaugrande and Dressler’s approach to text

  • Discourse Analysis

     What is discourse analysis?

     Who does discourse analysis and why?

     Ways and means of discourse analysis

  • Approaches to Discourse Analysis

    Written discourse and spoken discourse

    Approaches to discourse analysis

  • Cohesion and coherence

    Features of cohesion

    Features of coherence

  • Textual analysis based on Halliday and Hasan’s taxonomy

    -       Reference

    -       Ellipsis

    -       Substitution

    -       Conjunction

    -       Lexical cohesion

  • Practice

    Analysing texts in terms of cohesion and coherence

    • Critical discourse analysis

      Studies on critical discourse analysis

    • Discourse and Media Studies

      Textual analysis of news

      Practice: Textual analysis of a news article

    • Discourse and gender

      Studies on discourse and gender

    • Discourse in educational settings

      Studies on discourse in educational settings

    • Discourse and narrative analysis

      Studies on discourse and narrative analysis

    • Discourse analysis in the legal context

      Studies on discourse analysis in the legal context